Published: 12/1/2013

Read it: http://issuu.com/boulevardlifestylesinc

My role: Writer of Victoria Foundation "Vital People" spreads in Boulevard magazine

Published: 6/1/2013

Read it: http://issuu.com/victoriafoundation/docs/2013_vf_pulse_final-lowres

My role: Editor for the 2013 Pulse magazine, published for the Victoria Foundation

Published: 11/1/2013

Read it: http://www.vicnews.com/news/232426281.html

My role: Editor of Boulevard magazine's 2013 Design Annual

Published: 10/1/2013

Read it: http://issuu.com/victoriafoundation/docs/2013_vitalsigns_final_7mb

My role: Proof reader for the Victoria Foundation's Vital Signs 2013

Published: 11/1/2013

Read it: http://issuu.com/boulevardlifestylesinc/docs/nov_2013/41

My role: Editor for the 2013 Your Way magazine, published in Boulevard magazine, November 2013.

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